FSRO is part of the Finnish Boating and Sailing Federation and our members are experienced racers and/or race officials on both National and International levels.

FSRO has a diverse membership base with people from all different walks of life. An odd bunch brought together by a common passion for sail racing and race organization. FSRO was started with a small number of dedicated members, and over the past few years the core group has grown considerably. As members of FSRO we take pride in our work, be it organizing a big international regatta or a small local racing competition.

We are currently looking to expand our member base, fill an application and join the growing FSRO family.

How much does this cost?

Our membership fee is very low as we are not a normal sailing club – We focus solely on competition management and sail racing.

  • 35 € Normal membership (Required to take part in competition management)
  • 50 € Competing member (Only competiting, not required to take part in race management).
  • 100 € For supporting member (no requirements)

Do you want to join us?

It is easy and we have fun! Just fill the form on the right side of the page and the board will review it upon next meeting.

Benefits of being member of FSRO

  • You will be part of Finnish Boating and Sailing Federation (FBSF).
  • Nautic magazine (Published by FBSF).
  • FBSF Insurance
  • Free race official training.

We are a non-profit organisation working towards developing sailing sport in Finland and the Nordics trough voluntary work.

Membership application